Tim Gifkins

Artist, Glyptographer, Gemstone Sculptor. Glyptography - the art of carving or engraving upon precious stones

About Tim Gifkins

What started out to be a hobby has become my passion!

I have the luxury to produce what I want. It turns out that others love what I do also.

Things and concepts that inspire me will always produce fine art work.

I find it is about challenges that push the envelop and get the head thinking, some sketches, more pondering and then the time is right for action. Most of the time it comes together. If it doesn't then it will get put aside until the time is right to finish it.

My aim is to leave a legacy and produce heirlooms for connoisseurs to treasure and to pass down to the generations still to come.



No man is an Island and it is by collaboration that greater works are conceived.

I will work with fellow  artisans and technicians to produce the quality demanded.