Tim Gifkins

Artist, Glyptographer, Gemstone Sculptor. Glyptography - the art of carving or engraving upon precious stones

Welcome to my website!

 Glyptography - the art of carving or engraving upon precious stones.

 All sculptures and sculptural jewellery:

-  are designed to be worn, or displayed

- are original designs

- are handmade using a variety of small tools

- are unique and unlikely to have two the same

- are only available online or in person - do not sell to retail outlets

- come with a Certificate of Authenticity

All natural gemstones have a carving within them - just waiting to be drawn out by a talented artist.  They are not created in minutes or by mass production ...  designs and the creations can take hours, weeks or even months to be completed.  They are completed as a labour of love - the dedication of time and energy put into each piece is reflected in the quality of the finished product.

Over the years Tim has been careful to utilize light refraction whenever possible while designing and manufacturing his boutique one-of-a kind jewellery.

Each piece has to work within the unique characteristics of the stone.  They often take on a different design than originally envisaged, due to the beauty of dealing with unknown stone from within the surface.   This is where the challenge is ... keeping true to the design whilst working within the materials Mother Nature has provided. 

It is not uncommon to have to design and make tools to do a specific job.


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