Tim Gifkins

Artist, Glyptographer, Gemstone Sculptor. Glyptography - the art of carving or engraving upon precious stones

Other Services 

I first got inspired by attending my first workshop.  It was the 'light switch' moment for me when I realised that this was what I wanted to do.  You too, may find the creative outlet you were looking for ... some people realise they do actually have a creative talent not seen before!

Join myself and other artisans and fellow newbies and let your inner talent free.  Carving courses are available via Carvers Corner, from 'one on one' to group sessions.  

It takes only one day to carve your own simple pendent. We supply the stone,machinery, food and inspiration. You bring your life experiences and enthusiasm.

Two - three days for more complicated designs or several carvings if you want.

 Everyone will leave with a completed pendant!

The pendant may be for yourself, or as a very personal gift - one made with your own hands.

Visit  Carvers Corner for more information and how to book your life changing experience.